Dr. James is well known for saying “You don’t have to exercise everyday, only on the days that you eat.” And that sums up his philosophy. To say he is passionate about movement and exercise would be an understatement. When he was younger he used exercise as a means to escape emotional pain and unhealthy addictions.

“Moving and sweating every morning has been such a ritual for me that I tend to plan every business trip around hotels that have access to a gym. I still appreciate the emotional, physical and spiritual rewards I gain from vigorous daily exercise, but I’ve learned something interesting. The world’s longest living people don’t work out in gyms. They don’t run marathons or complete Ironman triathlons. They move naturally as part of their way of life. That may look like walking, biking, gardening, shoveling, cleaning, or opting out of taking the elevator for the stairs.”

When we go about making natural and consistent movement on a daily basis (as opposed to only for weight loss or calories), then a toned body and positive attitude will naturally follow. Furthermore, when we realize that the ability to move in and of itself is truly a gift, we are set free from unnecessary consuming thoughts, and on track towards personal greatness.

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