Achieving success while striving towards bettering our self-care and health is easier to achieve when we do two things: See the changes as a permanent fixture in our lives, and break it down to a practical plan that we can stick to everyday.

What we eat plays one of the most important roles when it comes to the level of success we experience in every area of our lives. This is true for everyone whether you’re an athlete, working professional, student, or parent.

It’s also important to note our food choices impact our mental and emotional body chemistry. For example, we can help to create a positive mental and emotional thinking environment by choosing foods that are rich in key compounds (such as chemical messengers called neurotransmitters) that serve as building blocks for our body and brains.

Neurotransmitters serve many different functions. One of which is to keep your mind, mood, and motivation on track and focused. Neurotransmitters also support your thoughts and thinking in a positive way. The more we choose to align ourselves with the natural laws of optimal health, the more likely we are to experience the feeling of abundance and well being.

Keep in mind that diet comes from the Latin word diaeta which means, “way of life.” Celebrate eating well. Use food as a means to raise your vitality and joy in life.

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