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Welcome, Friends and Fellow Seekers

It is an honor to welcome you to our community, where together we can grow, be inspired, and create a movement that ignites a revolution within ourselves and the world around us. By integrating the disciplines of empowered thinking, mindful eating and creative movement I believe we can change our lives and impact every life around us.

My life’s work is to live and teach the practices and principals of optimum wellness, which are all about waking up and feeling great, creating community, being of service, being happy, and being on purpose. The foundation of my approach is: “Think, Eat, Move, Thrive.” Sounds simple? Perhaps, but like many things that are simple and profound, this approach has thousands of subtle aspects and is always evolving.

copyright Katy Moses Huggins 2012“I’m talking about a journey. It’s a path I’ve been on since my early youth — and I’m inviting you to join me today.”

I encourage you to take a few minutes to ponder your present relationship to thinking, eating, and moving. Do you see areas where your present livingness is out of alignment with who you really are and how you’d love to show up in the world? I look forward to supporting you in becoming and expressing your highest vision of your life.

Explore the site and see how we might travel together. By becoming our best selves, we help support the healing and transformation of the world around us.

Personally, I believe there’s no higher calling.

Blessings and in Gratitude,
Dr. James Rouse

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