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James Rouse is one of those very special people who can move us to rise up to our absolute best. In this powerful book, he elegantly offers us a wealth of exceptional ideas that will help anyone live the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

James Rouse is an amazing speaker.  His ability to inspire, motivate and be a catalyst for positive lifestyle change is unbelievable.  Just being in his presence can change your life.  I have worked with him since 2000 and he continues to amaze and inspire me.

Colleen M. Reilly MSM/MBA
President of Total Well-Being, Aurora, CO

Dr James Rouse is an authentic, inspirational force of nature that gets people thinking and feeling in ways that support their desire to change. He makes optimum wellness a reality that is within every single person’s reach. He is gifted at educating and truly moving people to embrace his simple yet true philosophy: we are all in charge of our thoughts and choices. He offers a simple yet doable plan for harnessing our great powers for positive outcome to create health and happiness. His message for all is that abundant health is our birthright and responsibility. He presents and people respond. His great heart and intuitive nature fuel the contagious optimism that abounds when James is in the room. Dr. James Rouse offers a rousing call to action for all who desire more energy, health and happiness.

Ellen Feeney
White Wave VP Responsible Livelihood, Broomfield, CO

Your credentials as a speaker are a reflection of your devoted passion for life & being a teacher of SO many things. There is a certain radiance that beams from you that is like the light that attracts the moth.  People are drawn to you as positive energy is universally compelling or magnetic.  It is the balance of relevance, humor, & depth that has a way of penetrating their psyche where they begin to ask themselves questions as they get drawn deeper into the content of your talk.  You reach into their hearts & minds without imposing, but the message you leave with them may be forever imprinted. The message & relevance of your talk is personal & allows each person to draw their own conclusion, which is part of the magic.  A great speaker leaves the audience thinking & engaging in further contemplation after the talk has ended.  You are a master of this. Your talks guide your audience to feeling good.  While they are in your audience it is a departure from their previous mental state into a new mental state that you personally elevated to a higher level of joy & satisfaction.

J Madden
o3consulting, Owner Pura Vida Club and Greenwood Athletic Club, Denver, CO

Dr. James has presented to my sales team twice at our National Sales Meetings.  He is motivating, inspiring, educational…and fun! He ties product knowledge with better presentation skills and inspirational living, and the sales team uses these new skills many times during the year.  His smile, passion and knowledge are contagious – and we have caught the bug! We hired Dr. James to travel with us to Asia as a motivational speaker to a very key account and public speaker to their customers. Both the customer and consumer were wowed by his presentations.  He has the energy, knowledge and passion to keep his audience’s attention as long as he speaks. They ask for more, and then buy the product.  We could not ask for more!

Jane Drinkwalter
Vice President Sales, Vitamer International, Irvine, CA

Dr. James Rouse is a lifesaver! When my doctor sounded the alarm about my high cholesterol and wanted me to begin using cholesterol-reducing drugs, I decided instead to finally and fully apply the health initiatives recommended by Dr. James. As a result, my cholesterol reverted back to excellent levels and has remained in these ranges in the years following. I have lost weight and have embraced a food and exercise regimen that has nurtured my overall health while also increasing my sense of vitality and well-being. I was so moved by working with Dr. James that together we created a wellness program that we has positively impacted thousands of individuals. James is an amazing presenter–full of easy to understand information and strategies, along with lots of joy, humor and passion. His presentations are enriched by his tremendous knowledge in the fields of nutrition, diet, exercise and physiology. Furthermore, Dr. James helps people learn how to motivate themselves and use the creative power of their beliefs and intentions. You won’t find a more effective or powerful teacher in this field.

Dr. Roger W. Teel
Senior Minister and Spiritual Director, Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO

James has changed my life in many ways, in time of need and also my future health and my outlook on life in general. After meeting Dr. James I am healthier then I have ever been which automatically brings happiness and positive thinking. His positive energy is contagious not only for me but for everyone that have had the fortune of getting to know him. He is a real and genuine person who truly cares. I know one thing for sure he has made me a better person not only in health but also the way I look at life in general.

Ken Kefalas
CEO Bombard Electric, Las Vegas, NV

Dr. James Rouse does not speak on health on wellness, he LIVES health, vitality, and wellness.  He is one of the very unique people that come along and transforms the lives of the audience with education and passion. James has permanently impacted my life and the lives of my employees.  When he was finished speaking everyone was craving to hear more.

Michael Van Gilder
Chief Executive Officer, Vangilder Insurance, Denver, CO

Dr. James Rouse is truly far beyond amazing.  Beyond his incredibly positive and engaging energy in front of the most varied and diverse of audiences, what’s also truly awesome is the kindness and wisdom with which Dr. Rouse executes on a marketing plan, a communications strategy, and/or anything to do with what it takes to succeed in bringing wellness products to market and have an “Amazing Life.”  Dr. Rouse is the real deal.  Even though what you see is pretty darn wonderful, Dr. Rouse brings so much more to the table than meets even the trained eyes.  This guy is a superstar of the grandest measure, and to have any engagement with him is a blessing of blessings.

John Beldock
Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer ECOBROKER International, Inc.